Dial a Dog Wash
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Testimonial from David Caddy (Stoke area)


"Hi I'm David Caddy & I run the franchise for Stoke. I was a butcher for over 20 years and was well paid. then I saw this fantastic idea early 2006 and after intensive training in theory, practical and out on the road, I eventually launched dial a dog wash in Stoke in Aug 2006.

It's been a wonderful journey and I wake up each morning with a spring in my step, raring to get to my first customer. I have already purchased my second van after only 2 months, as the potential with Dial a dog wash is enormous. The management are there and encourage you every step of the way."

Testimonial from Fiona McFayden (Glasgow area)


"Hi I'm Fiona from Glasgow. the training from dial a dog wash was absolutely fantastic. I wasn't nervous at all. Wayne my trainer made it so easy to follow. Helen & Andy are always there and I value their advice. the best thing is, it is my business and I love it. I want to thank Helen, Andy & Wayne for my new business with all my heart. here's to Dial a dog wash!"

Message from one of our trainers

"Hi my name is Wayne and I am one of the trainers at dial a dog wash. it is my job to train people on a one to one basis the art of basic dog grooming. I will put you at your ease and teach you all the necessary skills for you to use in your business. Don't worry if you have never groomed a dog before. It's not what you come with , it's what you take away that counts. You will have all the relevant knowledge that is required and the management are always there to support you through the development of your business.

Dial a dog wash is growing at a faster pace than ever, and it is not unusual for us to have a waiting list for people wanting to join the Dial a dog wash family."