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If the answer is yes then read on …….

Rare opportunity in this area run your own business alongside an already successful established groomers who just cannot cope with the workload and so is looking for someone to join them.

The franchises below has been grooming in this area for many years and due to their unrivalled service and grooming expertise they can no longer cope with the demand on their own. Yes you could join this established franchise and be earning a life changing income within weeks!!! Guaranteed

Why choose a franchise over a dog grooming course??

Any business is hard to get established especially in this climate and for anyone serious about running their own business, you are more or less GUARANTEED SUCCESS when joining a franchise.

90% of business fail within the first 5 years where as 95% of franchise businesses are still trading …. Here are some of the reasons why

More reasons why a franchise is a safer investment than going it alone

  1. A franchise business has already done all of the hard work for you meaning you can learn from their mistakes without it costing you a penny
  2. Support every step of the way – whatever the problem Dial a Dog Wash franchisees have a team of experts to help them with any issues that arise
  3. Over 160 groomers to network with every day on our dedicated forum
  4. A recognised brand that’s trusted throughout the UK
  5. Grooming courses can teach the art of fine grooming but can they teach you how to make a fantastic living??? We have over 27 marketing techniques to help you grow into a cash rich business
  6. Quickest turnaround time so you can be earning a fantastic living whilst grooming to the highest standards withinin weeks with the Dial a Dog Wash grooming Academy

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Want a chat about joining our business?? Call Aly 07966 421845

HELP NEEDED - Operators in the areas below are so busy they need help to meet the demand for Dial a Dog Wash custom

Sub Franchisees Currently Available

SK17 SK11, SK10, SK9, SK23, SK12, DE45, SK22
ST10, ST11, ST12, ST14, ST15, ST16, ST18, ST20, ST21 and DE13
HD1, HD4, HD8, HD9, S35 and S36
PL1, PL2, PL3, PL4,PL5, PL6, PL7 and PL9
MK4,MK5, MK6, MK7, MK8, MK9, MK10, MK11, MK12, MK13, MK14, MK15, MK18, MK19, NN7 and NN12
L8, L11, L12, L13, L15, L16, L17, L18, L19 and L25
HU5, HU6, HU7, HU10, HU13, HU14, HU15, HU16 HU20 and YO43
DN14 LS24 YO8 YO10 YO19 YO23 YO24 YO26 YO30 YO31 YO32
CO1, CO2, CO3, CO4, CO5, CO6, CO8, CO9 and CO10
SL0, SL1, SL2 SL3, UB7, UB8