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Why buy a franchise?

Thousands of people choose franchising as a route into self employment. With good reason when you buy a franchise you give yourself a significantly better chance of succeeding than when you go it alone.

We have seen many one man set ups come and go due to the lack of understanding of our industry. With do it yourself businesses going bust within five years of set up, it's at an all time high and it's no wonder people are looking at the franchise route.

So why are Franchise Companies more successful?

Put yourself in a customers shoes. Would you rather deal with an unknown person or a national company with a brand name that is becoming a household name.

With a huge website presence customers can check on the areas page and see how many dial a dog wash vans there are around the country. It is also peace of mind that each operator has received adequate training and is covered by public liability insurance.

Without doubt, customers will always want to deal with national companies rather than a one man set up as it is a safer bet. Our high streets are full of franchises these days - McDonalds probably being one of the largest. How many 'other' solitary burger shops do you see trying to compete with McDonalds and yet are empty in comparison.

At Dial a Dog Wash we are striving to be the 'McDonalds' of the mobile dog grooming industry.

If your area is already sold, then why not consider a Sub Franchise

Sub franchises are becoming very popular within Dial a Dog Wash. As a sub-franchise there are many extra benefits.

There are many more benefits so contact us to discuss if a sub franchise is available.

If you think this is for you then please call us on 0845 123 5843
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