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Franchisee Testimonials

In June 2012 while on holiday my partner and I met a fantastic couple called John and Bev Morrison while sitting talking John old me he was a mobile dog groomer and owned a franchise with Dial a Dog Wash. This conversation has changed my life. That was 10 month ago. Now I am a full time mobile dog groomer myself, and I love it! When I got home and did a little homework I realised that there was a huge gap in the market in the area I lived. I contacted the lovely Aly at Dial a Dog Wash and after a long chat she sent me some information out. I had a meeting with Andy who went through everything I needed to know. Well to cut a long story short 10 month down the line I am doing a job I love . I can not praise the Dial a Dog Wash Team enough, the training you receive was great and gave you most of the skills you need to start your business from marketing to the actually grooming, I have received so much support from them, they are always there to answer any question. Thanks to all the team you have changed my life.

Donna - Tyne & Wear

This time last year, March 2012 I had to make one of the biggest decisions of my life, having recently moved house and had a new baby ( Daniel ) whether to go for it and buy my own franchise or play it safe and stick to my routine sales job. I went for it and then gave my notice in, very scary, this triggered much negative feedback from my employer pointing out all the risks and how many people fail in their own business, plus family members showing their worry on such a risk. I stuck to my guns and proceeded . I completed my training in May with Wayne, a real eye opening week but a really enjoyable one. I was then ready to start working for myself. It's now March 2013 and my business is going so well, my customer base is constantly increasing and I'm loving being my own boss, it's hard work but so rewarding knowing all the effort is for my family. The harder you want to work the more you benefit. I also feel I'm really helping the customers look after their dogs, some of which were in bad states when we first met , it can give you such a rewarding feeling knowing your helping the dogs. Working for yourself is great but it is also a massive help knowing the franchise head office are right behind you and always their if needed, they are on the phone/email pretty much anytime of the day if you need them, with advice, tips or just checking your doing okay . To say this was the right decision when all around we're doubting me is a massive understatement, I'm now looking at upgrading my van to cement mine and my family's future over the coming years. In summary, Just do it, you only get one go in this life.

Gary - Birmingham

I'm so glad that I didn't sit on the fence and miss out on the opportunity or possibly lose my chosen post code areas to someone else. The management team at Dial a dog wash are warm, friendly and go out of their way to help and support you in any way you wish even travelling to your area to help with practical issues if they occur. They are always working to keep us ahead of the competition researching the best equipment and products in the business. My business took no time at all to become established and I was quickly well booked up ahead. You choose exactly when you want to work and how many hours you wish to put in so its very flexible to suit your lifestyle. I have spent hardly anything at all on advertising and have had many bookings on recommendation alone. I have many neighbouring franchisees who are a fantastic source of support and advice when needed. We also socialise with each other when we can find time from our busy schedules. If you truly love dogs and want to spend your working days doing something that brings enjoyment and freedom instead of the monotony of many other jobs then this is an ideal opportunity. The potential for expansion is immense so if you wish to expand and work more vans in your area or sub franchise as well you can or if you just want to work alone the choice is yours. I'm so glad that I joined this franchise and haven't looked back since.

Amanda – Widnes, Cheshire

At our very first meeting we were nervous about embarking on a venture which was so completely different from anything we had worked at previously. However, after our chat both of us had a really good feeling about how we could make it work and the promised support "sealed the deal." Following the excellent training course and marketing seminar we felt well equipped to make a great success of it. We haven't looked back since. We meet like-minded dog loving people all of whom are each time pleased to see us. Customers quickly develop into friends which greatly helps the continuity of our business. We thoroughly enjoy and are proud to be part of Dial a Dog Wash, it really is a great community in itself. Our only regret is that we had not discovered the opportunity sooner!

Theresa & Neil Calver - Southend

I joined the DADW franchise in 2010 and its the best thing I’ve ever done and will never look back, every day is a challenge and exiting, its always been my dream to work with dogs and now I’ve got my wish I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Without the help of DADW I would never have got to were I am now as they are so helpful. My jobs previously were boring and depressing and didn’t want to get up in the morning but now its a different story . I even get up before my alarm goes off as I am keen to get to work and its been consistent from day one. It is hard work but I would recommend anyone to try it as you will never look back. The area that I have is huge to cover but I try my hardest to fit as many dogs as possible and keep my customers happy!

Donna, Stoke

My life has changed completely since I joined DADW. I've gone from a dreary office job full of meetings and boredom, to appreciative customers and a job that I love getting out of bed for. I have always found Head Office supportive, helpful and there when I need them. Through hard work and dedication I can genuinely say we have always have a full diary and now have a waiting list of people wanting to book in. Seven years down the line, I can testify that it's the best decision I have ever made

Alan Wyllie - Fife

I came into Dial A Dog Wash when I was 23 years old. I left a safe, well paid job to start my business and had never had any dog grooming experience or and business experience before. I was excited to get started but also kind of nervous. I was told that I’d get out of my business what I put into it, so before I started the training, any spare time I had, I’d go out and post leaflets through peoples doors and had a few members of the family giving leaflets and cards out to everybody they knew who had dogs. Before I knew it, I was having phone calls and was making appointments ready for when I finished my training which took a lot of the nerves away. I find Dial A Dog Wash a very organised franchise. One thing I kept telling myself was “I’m in safe hands with this”, as everything is laid out for you before you start. They couldn’t make it any simpler if they tried. I went on a marketing day where I learned so many things about the business and what advertising strategies work best for me to put into my business. I did my training, which was brilliant. It was nice to groom dogs in a relaxed environment 1 to1 with the trainer and a dog so there was no pressure on me. I asked loads of questions to Wayne about the franchise and couldn’t get over the potential my business had providing I put the hard work in at the start. A few months in, I found myself quite busy and was managing to get the calendar quite full with appointments but was wondering how I would cope in a years’ time with just the one van. It got to a point where I had a 4 week waiting list and was turning work down to people that couldn’t wait that long. That was the point I decided to get a Sub-Franchise to join onto my business to cope with the demand and could pass on overflow work rather than turn it down. I’ve been running my business for 2 and a half years now, and with a sub-franchise, I’m still finding myself 4 weeks fully booked and working 6 days a week. I’m starting to think about getting a second van and employing. Dial A Dog Wash has changed my life completely. I go to work with a big smile on my face and come home with a big smile on my face. A lot of people were a bit unsure about me starting my own business, but they can’t believe how well it is doing in such a short space of time. Apparently, there is a recession.

Curtis - Swansea

Since I joined DADW in July 2008, the business has just taken off! I just followed the formula given, and it worked to the letter! I had my second van within a year and am just about to recruit for a second member of staff this year. The support you get from HQ is brilliant. Even down to the technical and mechanical stuff in the van. Andy makes sure you are not off the road for longer than necessary. He pulls out all the stops! He genuinely wants each franchise to be a success. Highly enjoyable job, and you get what you put in! Thrilled to have a business that is a huge success, where you can take your dog to work and no-one frowns!! Joining DADW has been the best thing I've ever done. It's given me direction and confidence. And I don't have anyone to answer to but myself! When you work with dogs, you smile a lot!! and I like smiling!!

Suzanne – Chester

Having had previous experience with another pet based franchise operation, I would wholeheartedly recommend Dial a Dog Wash as the fairest, most supportive and without doubt the best franchise operation in the UK (and beyond). If you love dogs this is the business for you. I would offer a few words of caution for anyone considering joining the team; as in any part of life, you only get out of this business what you put in, hard work and determination to succeed are essential, but the rewards of running your own business make this worthwhile. Good Luck

Neil - Wolverhampton

I was in the print trade for over 20 years and saw many redundancies, which was very worrying. I've now had my franchise for 5 years and have never been so busy, and i've never looked back on my decision to buy a franchise. Andy and Helen have been fantastic. Along with Aly, Wayne and Steve i couldn't off asked for more support. The best decision i've ever made was to join Dial a Dog Wash.

Russ - Leicester

I have been with Dial a dog wash since May 2009, after taking voluntary redundancy from Thomson Airways. My weeks training was very hands on from the word go, Wayne my trainer was very good and had lots of patience (and a good sense of humour too!) Anything I was not sure about he went over with me and I felt at ease to ask questions.

Iris - Cleveland

In 2006 after serving many years as an area/regional manager for various companies, mainly in retail - I joined Dial a Dog Wash. I always had owned a dog ( and always will), but never had the urge to work with them until I came across the Dial A Dog wash opportunity. I had always had well paid jobs and lived well below my means, and my family never went short of anything, I was looking for a business opportunity, but have to admit that I never imagined that I would join a franchise. I am so pleased that I went to meet Andy James in July 2006, on a whim really, and heard about this refreshing new style of franchising, in fact to this day, I believe that Andy and Helen have totally turned the UK and Irish franchise market upside down, by making this kind of opportunity affordable to the ordinary working guy. I can honestly say that my life has changed now in so many ways. I started with one van in Newcastle Staffs, which has grown now to four vans with seven operators. I am so grateful to MDs Andy and Helen James for their mentoring and friendship, and also the opportunities that they have presented to me over the years. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity of taking Dial A Dog Wash to Ireland in 2009, of which I am extremely proud of what the guys are achieving there, and I also recruited and helped the first franchisee to get started in France in 2011. Since starting my journey with Dial A Dog Wash, it has been hard work, but extremely enjoyable and rewarding, but there hasn't been one day where I haven't been grateful that I made the decision to join DADW, and to get the opportunity to work alongside some amazing people, and the harder I work, the more the doors just keep opening.

Dave Caddy - Stoke

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